A Personal Remark

LearJet 35A Tom: "I didn't go to the moon, I went much further —
for time is the longest distance between two places — "
Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

Having worked in turn as an engineer, teacher, airline pilot and EDP consultant (CNE) I am at present serving customers with stand-alone PCs or small Corporate Networks (mostly Novell NetWare OS) in the Frankfurt am Main (Germany) area.
This is my first exposure to the Web as far as Publishing is concerned (but one has to learn the basics some day). This page is intended to work as a Test Platform for pages being developed. It will hopefully grow to become useful for other visitors as well.


Introductory Note

This trial Web page got started on Sunday, 21 Sep 1997. It was created as a test bed to have a look at different HTML/ JavaScript features. It has been handcoded using a simple but versatile ASCII text editor TED(Tiny EDitor) and has seen some changes since that day. It was initially based on the examples by Brown & Honeycutt given in their book HTML 3.2 Starter Kit.
The picture on the upper left is most probably copyrighted and therefore used here for test purposes only. It works as a graphical anchor. This text should wrap around the image leaving some space between picture and text.

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