Services Available

We deliver, install and tune your system, whether it will be a Stand-alone PC or a small Corporate Network. We have also done quite a lot of PC "Restaurations" which means that we upgraded older hardware to meet today's requirements.

Installing and maintaining stable network environments is our main activity. Frequently we also give a hand with the installation, maintenance, or customization of application software packages and the relevant training.


We are specializing in Novell NetWare as an Operating System (I am a CNE4/5) and are used to customize systems to a great extent.


We are also servicing Microsoft Windows NT/2000 Client/Server systems as well as Windows 3.11/95/98/XP Peer-to-Peer installations. [nb: Meanwhile (2009) we have unfortunately been confronted with an increasing numbers of machines (mostly notebooks) running Windows Vista.]


Back to the roots: Presently (2006) we have been experimenting with the various aspects of a Linux system, which asks for a patient, hands-on approach. Distributions tried so far include Red Hat, DSL, Ubuntu, Debian.


We have many years of experience in setting up and maintaining DATEV bookkeeping system software.


We have been helping several customers with their Electronic Banking endeavours, mostly using the SFirm/SFirm32 software. Some of them have meanwhile switched to Web Banking.


All the systems maintained by us enjoyed a seemless error-free Y2k transition.


Two years later we were occupied with testing and applying software updates related to the due DEM/EUR transition.

Web Design
We have gathered some experience in Web Site Design as a sideline. We have ideas and taste, but unfortunately not all the tools available to most larger companies.

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